About Us

Defining the NEW NORMAL in Textile & Apparels

Presenting revolutionary Anti-COVID fabrics brought to you by NEO TECH® – HEIQ technology!

Donear group has been synonymous with product innovation since its inception.

NEO TECH® is an advanced solution to buy fabric that protects against 99% virus & protective gear solutions. Be it high-functioning masks, other accessories for everyday wear; anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-odour fabrics & PPE kits for specialised industries.

Seeking for a one-stop shop?
Look no further. NEO TECH® is here to serve what you seek for and more.

Gear-up for a safer future

The time is here, to accept, to adapt, and to provide. We truly believe in widespread accessibility to various industries and suffice the need of the hour.

Catering to the evolving need

Sectors such as Healthcare, Aviation, Defence, Banking, Police, NGOs and many more.

Providing an array of industries

Shielding the front-liners and helping in upholding the tenets of health, hygiene and comfort.

NEO TECH® webinar

Can fabrics become CORONA-free in a matter of minutes?

How would such a technology work?

How would customers react to utilitarian fashion?

Watch this video to learn all about such a path-breaking innovation in textiles with all the details regarding the partnership, technology, how it works, who are the best, wash and care etc.

Let’s all be CORONA warriors!